Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CWL: Week 2 Update

Things are looking better. I think being in bed two days last week kinda helped. My body has accepted that it doesn't need ALL that food I've been eating. And because of that my cravings have chilled out.

And I've decided that my old routine at the gym doesn't cut it anymore. Back in the college days, we lived across the street from our fairly new rec center. Jay, at the time 100 pounds and a workout guru, showed me how to use the machines and all that. Going to the gym was never too bad because most of the time I had Mere or Jay to go with me.

Our typical routine: 30 mins cardio on the bike or 1 mile around the track. Stretch. Weight machines.In my last semester I really got into Hip Hop classes and yoga so I did that 5 days a week.

And somewhere in the middle I found Jennie Garth's workout video, and me, Mere, and Gill would do that in the wee dorm room. Sometimes Tae Bo too. Well it's not so fun working out without a buddy. I find it quite boring and am uninspired during my workout. So now I'm making the transition back to the classes. I've been doing Pilates for a couple of weeks and love it. I also started a kickboxing type class and dig it.

Fingers crossed for good things in week 3.

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