Monday, March 09, 2009

Campaign Weightloss Week 2

Total Pounds Lost: 3.6

That's more like it. Unfortunately I think it's not because of all my hard work. I think it's because I've been ill twice this week.

Tuesday I was being a good person and went to get a CPK salad for lunch. And it betrayed me. I felt ok at work but on my way home I realized I was painfully bloated and must have looked like I was in my second trimester or something. It was really gross. I got home and was extremely tired, but I thought I was just recovering from the trip to China the day before. I had a frozen quiche for dinner and felt better. Decided I should run over to Sebas' to water his plants and in that 2 minute distance between our flats I thought I was going to hurl or pass out on the sidewalk and that would be the end of me. Moments later it occurred to me that I had some bad food.

It wasn't a terrible encounter with the demon. Pretty mild, but for safety's sake I decided to work from home the following day. I ended up sleeping ALL DAY. What's up with that?

Things returned to normal and on Friday night I decided to stay in because the weather was so crappy. Went to bed late-ish but not too bad, slept in and woke up with my head feeling heavy. I allowed myself extra time to wake up, watched some tv, made breakfast, read in bed. A couple hours later I realized I was really sleepy. Thought that was weird since I got nearly 12 hours of sleep but decided to just close my eyes and see what happens next. I passed out. I was dead until about 7 PM that night and only because I forced myself outta bed. It was like someone slipped me a roofie or an ambien. I was groggy and a bit dizzy. I chillaxed for a couple of hours and then decided to join my friends bowling. I figured it would do me some good to move about, interact, and if I still felt like death I could always run home. Or to the hospital.

It went away and I hope it never comes back. It could be PMS and if it is at least there's an explanation but if it's true, that really sucks. I could be associated with my Vertigo and other vague issues and if so, that also sucks. It makes day to day life really difficult.

So with very little movement this week and lots of sleep I've lost a fair chunk. And now the goal is to keep moving in this direction and not stall or gain. It's going to be hard.

Moving to HK has made me more active than I've ever been. I can stand a good jog now, I go hiking, and I have to walk everywhere all the time. And I think because of that, I have a bigger appetite and now weigh a lot more. So I guess for me fitness has nothing to do with weight.

It's also frustrating to see how much krap Hongkies eat and remain under 100 pounds. I swear the dudes don't even weigh 100 lbs. It's carb city with pastries for breakfast, rice and noodles, very little if any fresh fruit or vegetables and it's usually paired with a heavy cream or mayo or something greasy. It don't add up.

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