Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Campaign Weightloss Week 1

Pounds dropped : 1

Not great but not bad. Not bad considering I've had plenty of bad foods this week including a plate of nachos and a nice homecooked meal at Joel's including some incredible lasagna and a blueberry pie by Scott.

I had some decent workouts at the gym but didn't have the chance to make it to Pilates due to a trip to China, and didn't make it to the weekend hike either because I was involved in a kareokathon until 5 AM.

Consumed in the last couple of days:
Yesterday -
McDonalds Breakfast sammy, hashbrowns, oj on the train to China :(
Korean lunch including bulgogi (MMMmm!)with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, kimchi and tofu, some kind of kimchi pancake, a little bit of rice, a little bit of shabu shabu.
String cheese, yogurt, and a diet Dr. Pepper as a snack when I got back to the office.
Shanghaise dinner including sweet and sour fish, pork dumplings, broccoli and cauliflower.
Post concert snack: sunchips and tummy tea

Today (so far)-
Banana and venti skim vanilla late
String cheese
Lunch: was planning for delivery since I have loads of work to do but since the cleaning lady is coming today I'd rather be out of the office. And I was just told we're outta TP so I gotta go pick that up anyway. Stocking bathroom supplies for an office gets old quick!
Oh yeah, lunch. I'm thinking about a salad at CPK since a salad by our standards here is hard to come by.

I have lots of theories. One of them being that my drastic increase in activity in the last year has increased my appetite and therefore increased my waistline. I'm more physically fit than I've ever been and yet I'm also bigger than I've ever been. It's frustrating. I'm going on a scuba/snorkeling trip next weekend and might have to try a cleanse next week.

I'm also taking a time out on the drinking.

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