Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekending with the McCarthys

It was an epic weekend and the only way to top it off was with a day of bruch and beach with the McCarthy's. They have a house (!) on Launtau Island which is where the airport and big buddha are. It's nice to have a "weekend home" away from the city, next to the beach... and it's an actual home with lots of space.

So, to get there from Central, Sebastien and I took the ferry.

20080808 546
It's our tradition to play Uno on the ferry.

20080808 547

And upon arrival in Mui Wo on Lantau, we needed to pick up some OJ for the mimosas but found a few other things.

20080808 549
Have you ever heard of such a thing? No we didn't need this.

20080808 550
It says, "My Juicy Pleasure"! Yeah, we needed this!

20080808 551
Then we took the bus.

20080808 552
Kind of harsh, eh?

20080808 572
And finally we arrived at Amy and Aaron's, or as we call them, the A-Team. Or just the Canadians. Amy was whipping up a delicious brunch, consisting of Mexican Migas, Canadian bacon (which was the real deal and soo scrumptious), fruit and cappuccinos made from the new baby espresso machine.




While waiting for the sun to surface we digested and Aaron gave us a little slide show presentation. He's got a great eye for photography and I lent him my 20D. The sun finally came out and we hit the beach.

They live across the street from one of my favorite places, "cow beach" and on the stroll over, Amy almost walks into this...

No, not guy with beer in hand. Take a closer look at the giant spider creature!

But at the beach we were still not safe from creepy creatures.

Check out these old dudes in speedos, and one of them didn't have anything on at all!! It was pretty horrifying.

And of course the water buffalo. The boys are surfing behind him.

Amy and I swam for a while, then lounged as I got caught up on my celeb gossip mags. I'm kinda disappointed in y'all for not keeping me up to date. Why didn't anyone tell me about SJP and Matthew Broderick! And why is Madonna so creepy looking?!

As the sun went down we headed back, showered, sat on the deck and gabbed over wine and beers. It felt pretty normal. I dig it.

Sadly we did not go to my favorite restaurant at the beach for dinner, but that's ok cause I tried some place new and it was pretty darn good.

We look pretty content, eh?

I've never liked Sunday nights but it's getting pretty bad. I get anxious about the week (but I really have no reason to), I sleep poorly and have terrible nightmares. Dear Weekend, why you gotta be so wonderful...?

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