Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Olympic Madness: Blame Canada

HongKong2007-8 724
Friday night I went with Alexis and Tara (a Canadian!) back to Sha Tin to check out some jumping. This was a lot more visually exciting than dressage.

HongKong2007-8 719

HongKong2007-8 715

I am very, very very sad to report my new and wonderful camera, the Canon G9 or my baby "G" has perished. He needed to be replaced anyway because I discovered a bunk pixel on the LCD, but I could have waited til I was state-side. And in even more distressing news, I had just lent my dSLR to Aaron. So, I am left with no camera for the first time in 20 years!

Thank God for Best Buy's extended warrantees, but it'll still be a pain for me to get it out there and get it back. In the meantime, that leaves me with my cameraphone.

HongKong2007-8 712
We had some juicy pleasure at the Olympics, just cause we could.

The hightlight was watching the first rider for Team Hong Kong come out. Everyone was on their feet, yelling and screaming, which is very unnatural to the Hongkie. His performance was perfect and at the end he threw off his helmet and waved to everyone. It was glorious. Alexis got it on video and if I can get my hands on it I'll share with the class.

It was not the finals so I did not witness a medal ceremony, but that's officially added to my to-do list. But last night on the tele, I did catch Team USA win the gold.

HongKong2007-8 763

I still give props to Canada for coming in second with a horse named Special Ed. No joke.

HongKong2007-8 725
As they say in Hongkie, BYE BYE.

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