Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silvermine Bay Music Festival

HongKong2007-8 751
Who says there's no live music in Hong Kong?

Well, the music scene remains to be super weak, but thanks for trying.

HongKong2007-8 746
Sunday I went with Powers and his mom to this music festival on Lantau. It was a really nice day for beaching.

HongKong2007-8 750
Just keep away from the shark prevention net. The net is dangerous!

HongKong2007-8 752
The music was pretty bad, and there were no more or less people on the beach than normal but that's not the point. It was a very nice leisurely day.

Powers and I got some flotation devices...

HongKong2007-8 757

Some beers...

HongKong2007-8 756

And some goggles so we would fit in with the rest of the Hongkies.

HongKong2007-8 747

A few of our friends caught up with us and played an intense round of scrabble.

HongKong2007-8 754

HongKong2007-8 755

HongKong2007-8 744
It says, This way to Hong Kong Olympic trail. I don't even know what that is.

HongKong2007-8 743
And this one says destructive fishing is prohibited.

Summer is great, and though I'm a sweaty hot mess, I really don't want it to go away.

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