Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics! (in Hong Kong)

20080808 532

I am very VERY privileged, and was given the opportunity to go to the games. Since China could not guarantee proper conditions for the horses, the equestrian events were brought to Hong Kong.

After waking up way too early from the opening ceremony celebration, I took care of a strange allergic reaction that faded quickly (I blame the family from Missouri) had a nice lunch, bought some rain boots, and forced in a nap. Then it was time to head out to the games in Sha Tin with Alexis.

20080808 507
She was kind enough to pick me up a beer at Club 7-1-1 (7-Eleven) and I chugged it before getting on the MTR.

20080808 508
And of course had to take a pic with the countdown clock since I didn't get the chance the night before.

20080808 515
Yes we dared to wear our awesome tees to the Olympics, but we made sure to hide the profanity with our purses upon entrance. Later that night I heard on the news a few people were kicked out for wearing Free Tibet shirts.

20080808 519
We did not get deported!

I'm not sure we would have been so bold if we actually were in China. It's going to be tested this week though because a few of my pals with shirts are going. I hope they take lots o pics.

20080808 523

20080808 526
Dressage is not the most visually spectacular event, and if you don't know anything about it, it's boring as all hell. But fortunately for us nerdy girls I have one year of equestrian under my belt and Alexis has six, so we could appreciate the skill since these are things we've never been able to do.

20080808 536
But still pretty badass. My first Olympics!

20080808 542

I'm going back tomorrow for some jumping. And that should be really cool! I'm so stoked. Until next time...

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