Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vietnam: Chapter 5, The Best Coffee I've Ever Had, The Most Whisky I Ever Drank, and Being Chased Down Alleys by Rats

Can you believe all these adventures were packed into one weekend? And we haven't even hit Saturday night yet. So, Let's GO.

After a much needed 2 hour nap, a nap that was just as long as our nights of sleep, we frantically got ready for dinner with Powers and Kiki. The boys downed a beer on the walk.

This place was so scrumptious.

It's all about the bun thang.

My Vietnam FFFFFamily.

Cora and I wanted some coffee to perk us up, and what was served to us was hands down the most amazing coffee I've ever had in my life. It really changed my life.

But it didn't stop there. At some point we decided it was a good idea to order a bottle of whisky and make irish-vietnamese coffees, and they were delicious.

Shots of whisky go great with any vietnamese dish, right?

And here are the obligatory food shots. All insanely tasty.






All for the bargain price of $972,000 VND, which is roughly $60 USD... tons of food for 6 people and a bottle of booze!

This was at a higher end restaurant too, which was nice except we still spotted a giant rat!

Then we went to some club in a hotel, I think, and there we were not allowed to take pictures so I quickly snapped one in the ladies room.


We then hit up some bars closer to our hotel, played a crappy round of pool, Daven disappeared for an hour on a personal scooter tour, the girls were tired and the boys were drinking more, so at some obnoxious hour like 4 or 5 AM, Cora and I walked Kiki home. But, these little hotels get locked up for the night, and there was no doorbell or anything to ring her in. So we walked Kiki back to the boys and Cora and I ran back to our hotel as rats kept coming out of every corner.

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