Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riding Junk

junk 6.jpg

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The World of Hongkies and the World of Gweilos are two different existences in the Hongk. Gweilo meaning whitey but applied to foreigners. Gweilos take any opportunity to have fun, even if it's by making up something that's not by nature Hongkongese.

Take for example, Junk Boating. There is one traditional style junk boat left in the harbor and it's used to take tourists around. But Junking is generalized to any boat, even the company yacht. I went on a Junk boat tour in February, on a friend's company yacht, but it was cold and not the junking experience that is reserved for summer.

My first junk of the summer was for Alexis' bday in May. A bus picked us up in SoHo, took us to Sai Kung (a beachy area in Kowloon... or is it New Territories, I dunno) where we met our junk.

This particular one was catered by Jaspas. You step on board, there's chips and dip waiting for you, and not a moment was wasted before the cocktails and beers were flowing. They wouldn't let you finish your drink before they handed you the next one. It was like a wedding. And tons of really good food.


Satay, meatballs, all kinds of finger foods. The ipod was plugged in and we got our groove on.

junk 4.jpg

And then we jumped in.




The deal is, you're supposed to jump from the top deck into the water. I haven't done this yet since my already ill-fitting top is destined to fly off.

We swam. We drank. The servers filled up water bottles with the pink drink concoction and tossed them in the water for us. Then, they came around in a little boat to refill!


The water temperature was perfect. Refreshing but not cold. I swam with a few other gals to a neighboring junk.

It might have been this one.

Other facinating sights.


It was a big day. 7 or 8 hours at sea. Lunch was incredible. A full set... salad, grilled veggies, steak, salmon, lasagne, desert and other good things. But towards the end of it I was feeling not so hot. I'm prone to motion sickness anyway and there was a lot of vodka/grapefruit juice/cranberry juice in my belly. On our way back I wasn't quite sure I was going to make it, but then a pizza appeared and it was precisely what I needed! Magic pizza saves the day again!

On the bus ride back to SoHo, I snapped some photos of the facinating seat covers. Tweet tweet shhhhhhhhhh!


Back that thing up?

Daven, me, n Steve having a lot of laughs at the back of the bus.

Jag loves Junk.

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