Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dragon Boat Races!

20080714 HK G9 078
The weekend of Macau/Air Supply/Dragon Boat Races was definitely a history making one in my book, and fortunately it was a holiday weekend too!

20080714 HK G9 070
I was invited to hang out on the MoFo junk by my Vietnam traveling bud Cora. Her company is Morrison and Foerster, and her email address extention is seriously @mofo.com! I'm so jealous.

20080714 HK G9 060
Woke up early on Sunday to head down to Stanley, which is on the south side of HK island. After 45 min of calling and texting, I was finally able to wake Daven up, and we shared a taxi to the races.

After the flood earlier in the weekend, and a bit of a drizzle in the early AM, we were finally blessed with a beautiful day. Otherwise I would have turned right back around! It was really cool though, the teams had great uniforms.

20080714 HK G9 050

20080714 HK G9 055

20080714 HK G9 064

20080714 HK G9 080
Yes, all the big names were there... Yahoo, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Bank of America... and since I only work in panties, it's a good thing I have friends in the big leagues.

20080714 HK G9 087
This one was my favorite. It says, Hotelies: Doing it without reservations.

20080714 HK G9 077
I watched MoFo's first race from the beach, and then we headed to the MoFo junk.

20080714 HK G9 091
The Bloomberg party was where it was at.

20080714 HK G9 096

20080714 HK G9 098

20080714 HK G9 102
The Junk boats are tied together along the "racetrack" so people can eat, drink, dance, and watch their teams compete. You can also hop from boat to boat.

20080714 HK G9 092
Finally, the MoFo junk!

20080714 HK G9 100

20080714 HK G9 103
Philip didn't want to get sunburned.

20080714 HK G9 110
At somepoint everyone left to explore other junks, and I just wanted to hang out in the sun. My ipod was hooked up to the junk's system (I have learned to always bring the ipod) and I blasted Air Supply. I'm not sorry.

20080714 HK G9 109
Its the Centurion. I wonder who rolls on that boat.

20080714 HK G9 112
I got some video of these kids. Chinese boys on the bagpipes... who knew?! They were actually really good, just facinating to watch.

The races were over, we made it back to dry land, and wandered to the pubs in Stanley. Had some drinks with the crew, then went a few doors down for dinner with my new friends Caroline from Belgium, Neeta from San Diego, and Monika from the OC. SoCal represent!! By the time dinner was done, the sun was down and it was madness on the Stanley waterfront!

20080714 HK G9 116
Stanley is never like this. It's very quiet, peaceful, and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Central. So, it was very exciting, and kinda felt like we were in Europe.

20080714 HK G9 124
Another dude who wanted to borrow my sunglasses.

20080714 HK G9 126
It was seriously badass. I was not prepared for its BAMFness.

20080714 HK G9 129
This guy was also not prepared.

20080714 HK G9 134
The ride home was quite an adventure too. I think there was some singing involved on the upper deck of the bus. Hands down Tuen Ng is my favorite HK holiday. If this is your speed, you should seriously think about visiting next year! My dad is really hoping to enter our company in the races... YIKES!

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