Monday, July 28, 2008

Reunioning 2008

I am challenging myself to get caught up to current events by August 1st.

20080714 HK G9 202
I was home for a week before the big HS reunion. Sadly I didn't have enough time to see everyone, and I was working especially hard because a trip to China was looming over my head. So while I was home I was working on LA time and HK time. I didn't push too hard to see a lot of people b/c I was home about 6 weeks prior. There's just simply not enough time to see everyone, and not enough time to spend with the people you miss most. So I put it in everyone's hands to now come visit me!

Always a priority is the Cougar.

20080714 HK G9 205
She will not be joining me in Hong Kong, and it really saddens me when I think about it. But it's in her best interest. The flight out here would be so painful for her. They don't recommend drugging your animals because they'll wake up halfway into the flight and freak out. And can you imagine not taking any potty breaks for a whole day? I did pay for her export license and had all the paperwork taken care of when I first got out here, but as time went on I realized it just wouldn't be fair. Besides, I'm never ever home, and now that it's summer she'd have to endure a stuffy little apartment. It ain't right. Well, Pepper will be coming home soon and they will be best buds again.

20080714 HK G9 177
And sweet, sweet Samantha.

20080714 HK G9 164
And my Sophie Dog.

I made a quick trip to the orthodontist, and while in the hood I enjoyed my favorite all time breakfast. An Alice's Egg Sammy.

20080714 HK G9 208

20080714 HK G9 210
And spent a little time with my gal pals Lorelei and soon to be mommy Julie! Baby Abigail could be here any moment... actually, I'm guessing she's already arrived so I better give Julie a call!

After the ortho, I had some time to kill, and also got the news that the trip to China had been CANCELLED! I was so thrilled that I ran over to Lorelei's with a couple of beers. It kinda felt like I never left.

20080714 HK G9 218
Also necessary was some alone time with my life partner. We had a nice dinner in Studio City, chatted away, and sung our hearts out to old tunes in the car. Yeah, it felt like I never left.

20080714 HK G9 220
However, I was not missing the triple digit temps.

20080714 HK G9 221
I took my time cruising whenever I could. To enjoy home and with every corner flooded with memories. Like where I held a second job when I first started TV.

20080714 HK G9 222
And right down the street where Pepper last worked as a civilian. Where he drove a forklift off the loading dock... where he dumped the rubbish after I puked in his car.

20080714 HK G9 223
Korean food with the parents.

It went by really fast and a lot of stuff was going on. Julie was about to burst, Erin had moved in to a ranch with her BF, Sarah and her BF were moving in together, and later that night... Part One of the HS reunion!

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