Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Survived Rugby Sevens!

This past weekend I survived my first Rugby Sevens!

Rugby Sevens, the Fong Friday

That's ok, I didn't know what it was til I got here, but wikipedia will sum it up for you.

Bottom line, it's a world series of Rugby with teams from all over the world. I'm not sure why it's in Hong Kong since there are no sports here outside of stuff expats play. It took place this past weekend and it was a little mad because 40,000 peeps come to HK to party.

I didn't have tickets to any of the games but it didn't matter, there was enough action in the Fong and I survived the crazy, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.

Rugby Sevens, Sunday

I missed the good photo opps, but people were decked out in crazy costumes, dudes were in drag, everyone had one of those yard receptacles of alcohol, and limbo was the big thing. It's kinda like Mardi Gras with a crowd that's 10 or 20 years late to Spring Break.


Friday night started off with a great and reasonably priced Sushi dinner with Rach. I'm adding it to my rotation. We sat at the bar with the conveyor belt o sushi, and the most genius invention yet... a hot water tap for easy tea refills.

Rachel's home at the Y
Back to Rach's hotel for a bit of pre-partying and then we very cautiously entered the Fong.

We found refuge at The Cavern, where the new lead singer of Journey used to play. They are famous for Filipino cover bands and rocked out to some good stuff.

Joel's last day of work
A couple other of our friends met us out and here's Joel after his very last day of work. He'll be leaving the Hongk this week.

Wellingtons at 2 AM
After all that dancing, we needed a snack. Nothing defines happiness more than a Wellington at 2 AM.

Where i read
I woke up on Saturday with the energy to be out and about, so I took a really long tour of the hood and plopped myself in the usual sitting place to read. It was fab.

Saturday night hung out with some old friends and new friends and friends I haven't seen since I first moved here. It was great. It was a very late night though because a couple of my friends had missed the 3 AM ferry back to Lantau Island where they live and they had to wait for the next one around 7 am. But it didn't matter, it was fun and highly enlightening.

After only a few hours I woke up feeling like a wizard. A genius. It was a lazy day, I watched a Heroes marathon, wandered around Mongkok, and met Joel and Rach back at the Fong for a night cap.

It was a fun and action packed weekend and I look forward to this coming holiday weekend... a holiday that I actually get... Ching Ming baby!

PS - New Zealand won.

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