Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting Kicked outta the Hongk

It is in my best interest to leave the the Hongk for a minute while my application for an employment visa is finally submitted. Since I have to leave for a bit, I thought I'd take the opportunity to return to the land of LaLa. I still have to work at our company headquarters in Northridge, and I'm not psyched about that. It looks like I'll have to pause on the blogging for a bit, so I'll leave you with a slice of life...

Taste Grocery Store

This is one of the many "westernish" groceries that I shop at. Taste is indirectly on my way home and has a pretty good selection.

Canned Mac n Cheese
You know, just in case you needed mac n cheese in a can.

Or some PBRs

HongKong2007-8 506
Space is so tight that they don't have full size carts, I mean trolleys, at markets. There's something on wheels that can carry two of your shopping baskets.

Which is fine, I can't fit or afford a whole lot of food anyway. Non-chinese products are rather expensive so it's cheaper to eat out in the land of most restaurants per capita. My shopping list is usually limited to coke light, water, gatorade, yakult, nature valley granola bars, fruits, veggies, tofu.

Thrilling I know. I'll see you soon.

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