Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home to the Valley

This is home. Her name is Sophie and I loves her so much.

The trip home went by super fast. It's so hard to manage family, friends, and also workin hard for the money during the week but somehow I squeezed just enough of the good stuff in.

Immediately after stepping off the plane, Marie and I headed towards the water with a pit stop at Anthropologie and Jamba Juice.

We crashed my sister's place cause that's just what you do when your sis lives right on the water. We gabbed by the pool and it was like time I had never been away.

Oh sweet In and Out
There was tons of crap to be eaten. Lots of Mexican, not nearly enough In and Out but at least I got one in.

A weinerschnitzel hot mess
And there was also all the crap I ate with my dad at lunch. It started off with the Sizzler, then some dodgy place for falafal, no Taco Bell but somehow we ended up at Weinerschnitzel.

There was good food too. I had a lovely dinner with Bonaduce, Cam and Kelly.

And now I'm starving thinking about all that wonderful and terrible food but have to settle for some crap lunch in Lai Chi KOK.

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