Friday, May 30, 2008


Saigon Hotel Chronicles: Chapter 2, Death Threats and the Apocalypse on our First Night in Ho Chi Minh City.


We landed in Ho Chi Mihn City (still called Saigon by the locals) around 10:30 pm last Friday and waited an eternity for Phil to get his landing visa. Don't go that route. We spent some time negotiating our taxi fare and once we got it down to $8 USD, or maybe $128,000 Dong, we made our way to the Saigon Mini Hotel. This place, hostel, mini hotel, boutique hotel, whatever you want to call it was actually great and only $14 USD a night! God I love Vietnam.

Since it was already pretty late, we freshened up and got to the clubs. Picked up Powers and Kiki at their hotel on the way. We threw down at this place called Apocalypse Now. If you think I'm kidding... they also have a place called Heart of Darkness for anyone who wants the true Joseph Conrad experience!

After some tequila shots and a lot of dancing on a super crowded hot and humid dance floor, we decided we needed some Pho.

We hopped in a taxi and as soon as the car doors swung open at our destination, we were bombarded by little girls hawking flowers. The boys politely tried to turn them down, and Phil even said he was allergic, and then the little girls started screaming, "LIARS!" Oh it got worse. They started hitting, pulling, and then they started shouting out, " I will kill you!" I wish I had it on video!

The death threats continued and even though they wanted us dead, they told us to be careful as cars were coming down the street.

We finally settled on a sidewalk cafe for Pho and Cora gave the chicken feet a whirl.

We walked back to the hotel and by this time it was 4 something in the AM. No problem right? We only had to be ready for breakfast at 6:30.

Next, our day of Cu Chi!

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Dave Lowe said...

Ok, forget NINJAS...beware flower girls!