Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Vietnam!

Saigon Hotel Chronicles: Chapter One, Meet the Bunsholes.


Two weeks ago I got an email from Powers. He was going to be in Vietnam for work and invite a handful of us to join him for a rock star weekend. I said, yes please.

My pals Cora, Daven, and Phil wanted to go too. So we booked our flights and spent the week sending each other awful/hilarious messages in an email chain that I may one day turn into a play called Saigon Hotel.

Friday after work, we booked it to the Hongkie airport where we shoved fast food in our faces. It's the only place in Hong Kong to get Popeyes!

Also had at the airport... the first sunset I've seen here. That's right, almost 6 months in Hongkie town with no sunsets! Although our plane was boarding, we figured we had enough time for at least one cocktail and a shot.

The super friendly dude checking us in informed us that we had been profiled as English speakers and were therefore sitting by the emergency exits. It was there that me and Daven witnessed some strange things, like a guy with a Jesus Freak shirt on, an Aussie redneck with a flat top mullet, and a super fierce male flight attendant who said something about about spraying his johnson... huh?

Up next, my debut in 'Nam. Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.

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