Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things You Learn About Yourself, Through People You Never Met


Taking a little trip back in time to wind up the Philipine tour.

Back in February, we paid our respects to my grandparents and my mom told us something I never knew. Well, this first part I knew. My parents were pregnant with their first child (that's me!) living in Glendale and on the other side of the world from their family. My dad woke up in the middle of the night and told my mom that his dad was dead. My mom told him to go back to sleep. Later in the morning, they found out my dad had been right.

So I never met my Lolo. I know very little about him, but now this part I know.

He was getting close to his retirement, and he and my Lola had big plans to travel the world. They had been waiting their whole lives. My Lolo passed away one month before retirement.

I didn't need an explanation, but that's why my parents are wacky and awesome... they aint takin nothing for granted. They're lovin their lives and they'll be ready to go when the time's up. I'm the same way. And that's why, from the getgo my parents have pushed me to travel. Who knew I'd actually listen?

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