Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Weekend is Gone, but the Bruises Remain.

The weekend is gone, but the bruises remain

Sorry. That's not cute, I know. It looks much worse today. But it's still no broken leg. I wonder how it's possible that I get all these mystery bruises. I still have one on my leg from the hike a while back.

PART II: The Weekend is Gone, but the Pictures Remain

The night before last, while I was waiting for an eternity for my Mexican takeaway dinner, I discovered pictures I have no recollection taking.

Peace, bitches.
The Floridian and citrus fruits.

The Brit, from Britain.

Bringing Peeps Together
The Eastcoasters

Hugs.  Not Drugs.
The Youngster, who can't wait to get out of Hong Kong, and the Pilot that won't let him.

Where's your mom?
The kids on the sidwalk at 3 AM. I gave them my half of the falafal. And I actually remember taking this picture.

PART III: The Weekend is Gone, but We Can Travel Back in Time

Some pictures from my pals:

Alexis' Housewarming Party
Alexis' housewarming party. I was smart enough to wear a black dress. I was also smartest enough to wear a lil green jacket.

The expat hiking crew. You can click on it for the larger size. That's me, Louise, Rachel, Charles, David, Christina, Mark, Davin and Wilsan.

The post hike BBQ

I think the ninjas kick my ass in my sleep. Damn.

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