Monday, January 28, 2008

They Asked for Shenanigans. I insisted on Tomfoolery. And yet, it was Quite Civilized.

stormies tuesday
If you can believe it, 8 weeks after my arrival in HK, I finally had a civilized weekend. Breaking it down, it means we enjoyed a nice dinner before drinks and I was home at an almost reasonable hour.

Friday was sushi. Sushi Friday still lives on. Saturday was a really really nice French dinner with some new and less new pals. There was lots of sleeping in and lots of reading. It felt really good. And I tried my best to lay low and not spend money.

Here's some old pics from Rachel's cam:

bar george

You're right, that's not my Heini

And since I know you really want to know, the best way to defeat the evil ninjas is one part sauvignon blanc, one part vodka redbull, one part heineken.

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TheLoreline said...

omg all these fancy new friends - don't forget about us!