Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eat Crow? Try Frog.

Last weekend was a riot.

Closing the office at 5:30 pm never happens. Even on a Friday. Am I a bad boss? Well, I was out early enough to make it to the GeoExpat happy hour. I met Rachel in LKF, guzzled a cheap drink on the street and went in. Even though we were only fashionably late by an hour, everyone was heavily involved in conversation and mingling wasn't really happening. Whatever, I met some of Rachel's friends and we had a ball. We also ran into a couple of our hiking buds.

Expats like to drink

The View from Bulldogs
The view of LKF from my prime seat.

From there we cabbed to WanChai where we shared dancefloor space with old men and working girls. The music was pretty good and we rocked out to the coverband of the moment. Since closing time irrelevant here, I have to be aware of when I'm tired and not being/having fun any more and go home. I was a complete old fart and called it a night at 1 am both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I tried to get into my regular weekend routine of waking up and popping in a DVD, but I think the DVD player is a piece of crap. I only got through half of Chinatown before it refused to continue reading the disc.

Saturday night I met up with my hiking buddies for hot pot, which is the Chinese version of fondue.

Hot Pot Dinner
This is the not yet hot, pot.

It's all you can eat, so you pick what you want from a very large menu and thow it in. I took this one for Turnipseed.

We ordered a ton of veggies and corn which was awesome, beef, lamb, squid, fish, tofu, wontons, and.... frog.

Louise shows off a plate of frog.

I tried it, cause I've never had it before, and jumped on the chance since I didn't get the opportunity in Paris. It tasted like nothing. Completely pointless. I'll never do it again.

Louise, the temperature monitor
And this is Louise monitoring the temperature of our hot pot. I'm not sure how exactly the hot pot works, because the heat came from the table and the tablecloths don't catch on fire. If anyone has any answers, please enlighten.

After that I went to Alexis' housewarming party. She has a great flat on the 28th floor of a building in Mid-Levels. It's phat, yo.

HongKong2007-8 117
The view from the living room.

View from Alexis' apartment
Yeah, it's pretty sick. You can probably see the water during the day. The sad thing is, by midnight, this view was gone. HK is protected by a haze that can wreck any good view.

Alexis n Me
Me N Alexis after our shot of Jaeger.

T Minus 30 hours until the next round.


Dave Lowe said...

Per your top and bottom pictures...

do you pre choose friends for maximum "good looking" people picture moments or are good looking people just drawn to you? This is one of those things that I've always wondered reading your blog long before you moved to Hong Kong.

Kelvis said...

I think it's that CJ herself is filled with so much beauty that anyone in her presence becomes better looking. It's as if her gorgeousness just oozes on to them and transforms them.

Yep, it's true.

JAG said...

Aw, thanks Kelvis. But the truth is, I'm only allowed to speak to beautiful people. I'm allergic to anything else.

TheLoreline said...

loving the bangs!!