Thursday, October 04, 2007

Visitors Welcome

I like visitors. I like visitors because that means someone has traveled to see me. And usually I like this visitor. I miss the visitor. And I really like being a tour guide.

Meredith and Jeremy came for an extended weekend visit. The trip revolved around Gill's wedding, and they came out to L.A. a couple days early to hang with me in my hood.

After picking them up from LAX, our first destination for these poor landlocked folks was the beach! This was their first trip to Venice.


And while on the westside, we went down to the Santa Monica Pier, the Promenade, and dined on the way home Swingers-style.

The next day we brunched at my most favorite brunchity spot, and then spent the bulk of the day at the Observatory.

Griffith Park Observatory

We made a quick stop in front of Henson Studios and proceeded to dinner at an old Mexican restaurant in K-town. Then we made another Swingers stop at the Dresden, where a friend happened to be having a birthday party. We had a few "celebrity" sightings and "actual interaction."

The next day we cruised downtown and met Jay at Union Station. We lunched at a little place in Little Tokyo, made a stop at H&M, ran to catch the sunset at my sisters, and proceeded to our next wedding adventure.

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