Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Made Room for The Cougar

May I introduce to you, for the very first time since her move to Tinseltown, The Griffith Park Cougar (II).


Cougar was born in Manhattan, Kansas, and Pepper brought her here for a better life.

Now, I am not a cat person and didn't give them much thought until recently. I've met a couple cool cats in my day... Selina plays "catch," Gilbert is my boyfriend, and Rocky is just like a dog. But for every cool cat there are a million lame ones.

I gave Cougar a chance, and she's the perfect bud. She's cross-eyed, likes to gab, loves to play with the laser pointer and hangy things, and she's super sweet. She is very popular at the groomer's and the vet because she's so cooperative.

I tell her I love her a lot and give her lots of kisses.

I have so much to share that I've run out of memory on my computer! I have been slaving for two weeks uploading past and present pictures. Man is this a chore.

Before I forget, go see Avenue Q. You HAVE to.

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