Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This is heavy, yo.

Well, well, well. What have I been up to?

I've been in the great center of our great country. I've been in Junction City, KS for over a week and I'm winding down my time here. Pfc Pepper is expected to deploy in the wee hours of Thursday morning and I will return home shortly after. At the moment, Pepper is non-deployable because of his right ear, which is no surprise to any of us but of course becomes an issue at the last minute, but maybe he'll finally get a hearing aid and I won't have to repeat myself 10 times.

Calm down. He's still leaving.

Yesterday we loaded the Uhaul with all the insanely heavy furniture Pepper has accumulated. I failed to mention we have a roommate, Pepper's friend who is also deploying. It's actually been nice to have someone else around, especially to help out with things that are beyond me. Like carrying the dresser.

So, most things are in storage including the Saturn, which we left the day before in the middle of nowhere, somewhere near Topeka. Today we clean and pack up what's left and tomorrow we move into a hotel.

I'm ok. I kinda just want this all to be over, you know?

In the meantime I've been occupying my efforts (otherwise known as completely distracting myself or thrown myself wholeheartedly) into photography. I've spent a chunk of change on some toys and will probably buy more toys soon. But the good news is I've got a part-time photography job waiting for me at home! By part-time I mean it won't pay for my rent and probably won't even pay for my weekly groceries but it's only a few hours a week and it's something. I'll be working for, which just launched it's L.A. division. The application process was long and I worked my behind off at the test shoot, and now it's mine!

There will be lots of good things to come. This insane mind of mine never shuts down.

Oh yes, and is celebrating it's FIRST BIRTHDAY! There's a major facelift happening there and you can preview it by clicking the bottom link on the homepage. It's still in the works but will re-launch soon.

The picture above was taken yesterday. That thing weighs approximately the same as Nicole Ritchie pre-pregnancy. It's not so easy to do the Robot or the Roger Rabbit in it. I tried.

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