Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gill + Brayton's Weeding

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Friday night a few weeks ago me n the AZ crew arrived at the Queen Mary for Gillian and Brayton's wedding. It did not occur to me until we arrived at the great ship just how exciting a weekend on the Queen Mary could be.

We got there late and found Gillian's family and crew immediately. We checked in to our room, down a long, loooong hallway on the most haunted deck of the ship, and joined the ladies for a drink. Since everyone had to be up very early we didn't stay out late, but my team did plenty of wandering and investigative research. No ghost encounters though.

Saturday went by so fast. It was wonderful being a table with my friend from high school, my friends from college, and my friend from Silver Lake. It's so rare that I get that high of a percentage of my favorite people at one place at one time.

By the time everything was over, it was still early enough in the day so we napped. I really really really needed that nap. But when I woke I didn't feel so good. I guess that happens when you down wine and champagne like it's going out of style. But this was really not good.

After dinner Meredith started feeling very bad as well. As the evening progressed I felt worse. I wanted to die. Jeremy was awake at 3 am not feeling so good either. The three of us got food poisoning on the ship! It's strange that we haven't heard of anyone else getting sick since we were eating the same thing everyone else was, but I'm glad no one that we know of had to suffer as we did. We were a hot mess.

That pretty much shot Saturday night fun and Sunday, but we didn't have anything lined up anyway.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.




I'm freaked out how amazing my former roommate is!



Ok, there's a lot more so if you're looking to kill time at work - flickr

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