Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Road to Vegas

Sorry I'm so behind. Here goes.


I believe it was a Wednesday night. 'Round 11 pm. I wasn't home but I got a message. Something about shooting a pilot tomorrow... going to Vegas. I thought about it for a second. Eh? What the hell. ok.

I had very vague details but I didn't have to bring anything or do anything special and call time was just hours away. When you're excited about something and your thoughts keep you up it really sucks, but I think we all had the same kind of night.

There were four of us in the operation. Me as producer/driver, Nick as camera, Matt and Chris - the brains of the operation as well as stand in talent. The show is about two guys traveling via motorcycle and the adventures they have on the way to their destination. It's really about the journey and to inspire others to get out there.

We started at the Santa Monica pier and 30 seconds into our journey we lost Chris. It was a good start :)


We had a scenic drive down Sunset, made a stop at Hollywood and Highland, and began the journey up Angeles National Forest. I had never driven it before and I was proud of myself for not killing us :)


We lunched at the place at the top of the mountain, kept going and discovered the road was closed. That was a TV moment of brilliance, but not good for the clock. Fortunately we just had to backtrack 8 miles and found our way. But on the way down the mountain we had to worry about Chris running out of fuel since his tank only gets him 90 miles. But he made it out of there ok.

Once on the open stretch, I somehow beat the boys to Baker where we stopped at the Worlds Largest Thermometer. There Chris said the funniest things I ever heard which are maybe not appropriate for a blog but I shall tell you another day. It had to do with how sore they were on their bikes.

I don't even know... It was a long day and 14 hours later we finally got to Vegas.


We stayed on Fremont, dined on the sidewalk since it was late, drank a little and passed out. The next day we slept in, Nick and I wandered around for a little bit and bought silly souvenirs, and we had breakfast at the Peppermill.


It was work, it was an adventure, it was the road to Vegas!

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