Sunday, October 21, 2007

That Concludes Fashion Week

I was very fortunate to attend a total of 4 (!) LA Fashion Week events through my part-time employer


Friday was Gen Art at the Petersen Automotive Museum. It was so so so much fun and it was filled with really fun people.


I would have stayed all night but it rained and I had to haul it several blocks to my car.

Saturday was Eco Nouveau, which was an all day all night event, but I didn't stay very long because mushy peas were waiting for me at the Oleykoski house.



It was getting kind of lonely enjoying all that fashion and fun without any friends, so Monday Marie and I went to the Jordi Scott show at the Vanguard. It was a fun show and there were definitely a few things that we craved. When it was all over they cleared the runway to make room for a dance floor, and as usual, we had the entire dance floor to ourselves! It was a blast and we tried to deny our destiny but once the DJ played Journey we were sold.


I wrapped it up on Thursday at Karl Kani's show at Republic.


More pictures are on Going or here

I love Fashion. And that Concludes Fashion Week.

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