Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spicy Rabbit

This was probably the most carnivorous moment of my life. For Sunday dinner, we ate this rabbit, then put it back together.

Around Easter last year, several of us from HK met up with some friends who were living in Chengdu,  located in the Sichuan (or Szechuan) province of China.  Your instincts are correct, it was a long weekend of insanely spicy food!  We were eating every 90 minutes or so (no joke) and it was a serious food experience.

One of the best things we ate all weekend was RABBIT.  I've never had rabbit before, and I'm not even much of a meat eater, but I do appreciate good food and I'm willing to try (almost) anything.

Holy SH.

Yep.  That's his head.
A few weekends ago another handful of friends went back up to Chengdu to say good-bye to the 'Du Crew.  Work is taking them elsewhere, and sadly with all the wedding travel I ain't got a whole love of extra $$$ so I couldn't make it.  Perhaps I'll try for a last hurrah in the fall.

When the HK crew returned, they brought back a couple of friends...  two rabbits! 

One rabbit, before getting devoured.
I believe the rabbits were already cooked, so with a little reheating, some extra mala sauce... yeah it was magic!  We tore that poor little guy apart.

The rabbit was served with some brown rice, spinach salad, green beans, and a pork and veg dish.


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How'd I miss this post? Yum. It's even about Sunday dinner!

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