Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dodgeball Playoffs: A Quarter Final Victory

Ten games in the regular season, undefeated.  Last night was our first appearance at the playoffs!
With my vertigo acting up, I sat this one out.  I did not want to take any chances in the post-season!

So I took pictures instead.  One must always play to their strengths.

We were down in the first couple of sets.  We got nervous.  But we knew we're better than that.

Things came together like whoa in the second half.  Our worthy opponent, Balls Deep, put up a good fight.  They could catch. 

I love my team.

A Quarter final victory Junk Shot 10 vs Balls Deep 8.  On to the next round!

And by next round I mean celebrations at the bar.  This was our first team visit to Hush, where we could watch a replay of our game!  Nerdy?  Obsessed?  You betcha. 

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