Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday in Stanley

I get visitors so rarely here, which is a shame because I love to host.  But every now and again an unexpected visitor will surface...  like the mom of one of my besties!

Ma was stopping for a few days on a work trip, and I was so happy to see her!  This is a very special time for us, since her daughter, my life partner (not really but yes really) is expecting her first baby! 

A small village of old houses

Since visitors tend to stick to the city sights, I like to show them what else HK has to offer. You don't expect country parks and beaches fo sho. I offered a few suggestions and we decided on Stanley, a little beachy town on the South side of HK island.

This is normally a not too long (mini) bus/taxi ride, but there was a bus breakdown and traffic was nightmarish.  We got into Stanley and hit up the market for some gifts.  There's all kinds of things at the Stanley market, and its not too big or overwhelming.  They carry the basic touristy souvenirs like t-shirts, magnets, jewelry, knickknacks, paintings and some clothing.  I walked away with a scarf, which will be my go-to accessory for the summer.  Headscarves are awesome!  My favorite thing to get at Stanley as a gift or souvenir is a hand carved chop or stamp.  They write your name in Chinese and you can have it like that, or with your English name as well.  The stamps are made of stone and have different designs like dragons or your zodiac sign.  My dad is obsessed with his, but then again he's obsessed with anything his year of the dragon.

The shops were closing at 6 pm, right about the time we were finished looking anyway, and we grabbed a drink along the boardwalk.  We sat there and chilled out and looked out into the water and enjoyed a special Hong Kong moment.   

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