Monday, November 05, 2007

If You Needed Only One Reason to Love Thailand

I am accompanying my father on a mighty business trip to Thailand, Hong Kong, and a stop in Manila.

On our way to the factory in Simburi (sorry if this is spelled wrong, but my google search is coming up in Thai) from Bangkok I spotted a LIGER mart. I'll do my best to nab a picture.

We left LA Thursday night, was in and out of sleep on the 18 hours on the plane, not counting a layover in Guam and a few hours in Manila. Flights like that are rough especially when you are by yourself or like, in my case, when your father leaves you in the 91st out of 95 rows while he is in first class. It's fine, I guess I'm used to it since he's done this before.

Saturday we arrived in Bangkok, and I was immediately upset when I realized I had virtually no time to see the city. We squeezed plenty in though. Paps and I went to see one of his favorite things, Muay Thai or Thai boxing. He watches it all the time on TV.

Well the signal's a little weak here so more pictures and stories to come.

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