Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friendship Night Goes FAR East for the Holidays

I worked. I packed on Sunday. Said good-bye when I could. Ate a good Turkey meal with the fam. And now I am killing some time at the Manila Airport and then I'll be on my way to Thailand.

I could be in my new home in Hong Kong sometime this week, or next, or in a couple of weeks, but it'll be soon.

Friendship Night won't be the same without it's favorite cast of characters, but I know you'll all make appearances sooner or later. I really don't care to make new friends if I could just keep the old ones close. If you are reading this, your are probably my friend, and you have probably met my other friends and you very well know that you're all are made from the best stuff on Earth.

I magically traveled through space and time and somehow tomorrow is Monday which means I have to go to work. To do what I'm not exactly sure. I wonder if I'll have time to catch up on Heroes or The Office or Grey's.

Why is everything below my knees so puffy, and why does the airplane food upset my stomach so?

I miss you already. Howabout visiting me for your birthday?

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