Monday, November 26, 2007

Factory Work Day 1


I fell asleep sometime Friday night on a plane and when I woke up I was in the future. I finally made it to Thailand. My cousin Jesher also works "in the family biz" in the Thailand office so he met me at the airport and we went to see the elephants so he could send his kids some pictures.

Got to the hotel, watched Fever Pitch, passed out. Woke up and had no idea what time it was. Pulled it together to take a shower, grab a sandwich and super yummy fries, and pass out again, this time watching Lucky Number Slevin. This morning I got ready to some awful movie featuring Ashlee Simpson's old nose. Don't judge me on the movies, I have my choice of the movie channel or BBC World News if I want to watch English TV.

I am just about at the end of my first day in the Thailand office and factory, and I didn't get fired.

I now have this vision of Pepper in uniform, scooping me up from some factory line and carrying me away into the sunset to the tune of some Joe Cocker song. Hey, it could happen.


Pepper said...

Yeah, not so much. Especially considering that uniform is in storage in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

we need more updates!!!! miss you.

TheLoreline said...

we need more updates!!!! miss you.

Anonymous said...

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