Monday, October 11, 2010

Hong Kong's 1st Redbull Flugtag

After just another week of being sick and tired (not just an expression), I slept the better part of Friday and Saturday and scraped up some strength for some Sunday action.

Redbull's Flugtag (German for Flying Day) events are held all around the world and finally on 10/10/10 it arrived in Hong Kong. While fun, outdoor, silly, and possibly dangerous evets are pretty non-existent here, I'm glad Redbull pulled this off pretty successfully. Lots of teams participated and it was a very healthy turnout and yet I didn't freak out from crowd claustrophobia.

None of the aircraft (is that plural?) took flight, and if they did, they would have crashed straight into the barge not far off the edge of the pier, collecting the remains of each teams' hard work. It was pretty hilarious seeing each project launch into the harbor.

While this sort of pointless fun is SO NOT Hong Kong, many of the aircraft beautifully represented the HK spirit: the ol skool aqua luna junk, a tram, dim sum cart, and of course Bruce Lee. Various holidays were represented as well. It was really nice to see all walks of life get into this event.

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