Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bo Ling

Last weekend my ol neighbor from Silver Lake was visiting.  Her brother also lives in HK so I got to spend an evening with her and her BF.  They're on a bowling league in Seattle and wanted to check out the Bo Ling scene here.

We started off the night with a super tasty dinner at Din Tai Fung for a couple rounds of their famous xiao long bao.  While walking off dinner we passed Chungking Mansions and the Symphony of Lights show in the harbor.  And finally on to the traditional Cantonese sport of Bo Ling.

Bowling in Hong Kong is like anything else here.  Very serious.  Everyone playing had mechanical wrist guards and looked like robots.  We played three games and I never broke a hundred.  Maybe next time. ;)

But mostly it was an evening with lots of laughter and perhaps my friends will consider moving to the far east.

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