Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Junk Shot: A Member of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association

Yes, there really is a Hong Kong Dodgeball Association, and you can check out their website for schedules, scores, and video of games! They've been around for a couple of years, but this season they really exploded. Dodgeball, F yeah!

Months back, my big bro says to me he wants to start a dodgeball team. He always has nutty ideas, but they are usually right up my alley. Over the summer before the season started, the D'ball association set up free clinics where we could play and organize teams for the upcoming season. With a lot of people and a lot of balls flying around, it's pretty scary. But a good kind of fear!

This is not the d'ball we played in elementary school. The balls we use are light like a nerf ball. But believe me, when one comes flying at you at full speed and hits you in the face, it stings. And there are 6 balls to manage, not just one.

Fall came and our team solidified. Team Junk Shot. Named after the plan to seal the gulf oil spill with garbage. No joke. But also, sometimes people take shots to the junk.

I love my team. They are a significant portion of my HK fam. Last night was to be my last game of the regular season before I set off for some travels. But due to some unforeseen events the game will hopefully be rescheduled for after my return. More reflections on d'ball days to come!


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