Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival: Fire Breathing Edition

One of my favorite Hong Kong holidays is Mid-Autumn Festival. I'm not really sure why it's called mid-autumn since it takes place early fall, but I'll take the day off! It's a time for family and celebrating the change in seasons and the moon. And mooncakes. All wonderful stuff.

Since it's a time for family, I spent this one with my HK family. Me, Hans, Mr P, Party Foul, and his GF kicked it off with a hot pot dinner. Hot pot is the ultimate in family dining. These are just a few things for a sauce mix.

When dinner was over, we headed to The Roof to enjoy the moon.  The rain and quit it just in time for us to sit around and cause trouble.  We stocked up on candles and glow in the dark goodies, and other ffffamily members met us there.  It sounds totally weird, but the glow in the dark nails rocked my world!

Then we were told of ol skool mid autumn traditions. Such as taking the mooncake box tin, filling it with wax, starting a fire, and spitting water at it to create a tower of flames. This practice was deemed illegal so you don't see it anymore. Except maybe on a city rooftop. It took a lot finessing but eventually we figured it out. Check out our video below!


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