Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other CNY Phenomena

We had a really nice Chinese dinner at a Beijing style restaurant.

I'm still trying to grasp the differences between Szechuan, Shanghaiese, Taiwanese, Beijing style and Hong Kong style food. And all others in between. I probably sounds really dumb but I know Szechuan can be very spicy, I love Shanghaiese cause it tends to be saucier or maybe more of what we're used to because a lot of Chinese food is very dry. Duck is the big hit in Beijing, and as far as Taiwanese and Hong kong style... not a clue.

The duck was excellent and so was the sweet and sour fish.

I really don't eat that much Chinese food. I barely eat it. I should though since to eat locally is dirt cheap.

Yes. I barely eat Chinese. This is Cora (who I call Cang because that's her first initial and last name) and I having a lazy lunch at a middle eastern place.

A random flower market in my hood that appeared as quickly as it disappeared. They are only around for the holidays.

And another one. This is in between my old flat and new one. I love it. Flowers and trees flood the street, and when you wake up on the first day of CNY they are gone.

And on CNY eve, I went to Joel's for a Heroes marathon. We had a lot of catching up to do. When I left, I opted to wander down the hill instead of taking a cab and right before I got home I ran into a major line at the Man Mo Temple.

This is midnight, CNY,

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