Monday, February 09, 2009

CNY Kareoke Challenge

My friend Aaron is a pretty chillax dude, really nice and totally mild mannered. Not the type you'd expect to be gung-ho about kareoke. Sebas and I planned to trick the A Team into a kareoke challenge after CNY fireworks. But it turned out he beat us to it. A few days before fireworks, Aaron inquired about kareoke and we did not hesitate to seal the deal.

The only place I've ever been to for kareoke here is the drinking towers. We ended up on the 25th floor where they had teeny tiny kareoke rooms... Japanese style. This is precisely what the A-Team was looking for. Turns out they used to do kareoke all the time when they lived in Japan.

Yes, that is the extent of the room.

The rules of kareoke challenge are easy. You pick a song for someone else to sing, and when the round is up there's a group song. After a little while we just all sang together. This is our rendition of Dione Warwick's That's What Friends are For.

Other great hits included:

Enrique Iglesias' Hero
Linkin Park's One Step Closer
Pearl Jam's Better Man
Smashing Pumpkin's 1979, and Today
Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name
MJ's Thriller
Air Supply
Meatloaf (I did not select this)
Toto's Africa (I did not select this either but I'm glad my friends know me well enough to pick the right songs for me)
Neil Diamond's America

And, just to emphasize our Americanness to the Canadian A-Team, This Land is Your Land.


We rocked it til the break o'dawn.


And two bottles of sake later...





We danced and sang until we barely had voices and that didn't stop us. Around 6 AM they finally kicked us out.

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