Monday, March 17, 2008

Pepper's First Trip to the Philippines


Last week was a busy one. After faceplanting on the stairs, my supervisor, the president/ceo, and my dad came out for a bunch of meetings. Thursday I had to go to China, and Friday I had my first fit session. That's where a model tries on our samples. Quite interesting. So I only got to hang out with my dad for a couple hours on Saturday. Except for a few meetings this week and another trip to China, it'll be pretty normal on my end and now back to the blogging...

Uncle Noel and Melaine and Leiana.

Turns out my parents were in the Philippines the same time Pepper came to visit. My Uncle Noel and my cousins Melanie and Leiana from Minnesota were making a pilgramage to the Philippines, which is why my parents wanted to go too. Uncle Noel hadn't been there for over 40 years, which is why it was a very special trip. And my parents insisted that we go.

I wasn't thrilled, at first, to give up one of our weekends in Hong Kong. But a four day weekend with my parents are four days we don't have to pay for meals, which adds up on the Hong Kong side. I'm really glad we went because it was a lot of fun and I didn't want to come back home.

Friday night after work, I dashed home, picked up Pepper and our luggage, and got to the airport roughly the same time my parents did. They had a layover in HK. Pepper and I enjoyed a nice Popeye's dinner. The only Popeye's in HK that I've seen. Unfortunately we weren't on the same flight as my parents, so we just met them at the Manila Traders' hotel late that night.

We ordered room service on Saturday morning since we had to head out early to Anilao. Pepper was in the shower when it arrived and I was really proud of myself for understanding everything the server said in Tagalog. It was only a brief conversation, and I had to reply in English, but still. I think anything's easier than Chinese!
Brian's first room service
Pepper's first room service.

I did make a couple mistakes, even though the server asked me to double check our order. Pepper wanted scrambled eggs. He really doesn't like eggs sunny side up, which I wasn't aware of until this trip. I'm glad there are still things we can learn about each other after 12 years.

Coming up next, our first trip to Anilao.

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