Monday, March 24, 2008

Anilao, Day 2

Both sides of the family battle in Survivor: Sombrero Island.

I thought I was pretty good at keeping up with this blogging thing, but since this is a month overdue I better get crackin.

We got up early on Sunday and my uncle and some of my cousins went on a beginner scuba adventure. Then about 30 of us, my uncles, aunts, cousins, from both sides of the family took a brief ride to the little Sombrero Island.





It was cool because were stuck on this shore, and everyone was together. People weren't wandering off doing their own thing, cause there was nowhere to go but the water.

My parents, trying to stay in the shade.


You'd think that a people of an island nation would be of the beach-going variety, but that is not the case. It has taken my parents years of dragging the family to the beach to get them into the water. Some of my relatives still won't touch the water, but now my extended fam enjoys holidays at the beach. It was also my parents who brought snorkeling into the mix, and now a bunch of us do it, and some even scuba.



Then it was time to leave, and I was very sad. I don't particularly care for the city. It makes me not feel good sometimes. I missed seeing the leaping dolphins on our boat ride back, but Pepper saw it and that's all that matters.

Planet Dive and the family house.

We took one last dip when we got back, showered, and made our way out.

View from the bathroom - Anilao, Philippines
The view from my parents bathroom. No windows or walls!

We had to experience the shower before we left.

Me and Pepper's room.

The cottage where me, Pep, my parents and my Minnesota fam stayed.

The dining facilities.

Yeah. Then we left. And I was sad. We were on our way back to Manila, and then the car broke down.


After much to do, we hopped in another car, and my family that was in that car rented another one.

It's a good thing I wasn't packing any heat that day.

We got back late and had an AWESOME dinner. Had all the good Filipino dishes Pepper was craving, including just possibly the best eggrolls I've ever had.

We then spent the night at my aunt's unoccupied condo in this area called Eastwood, and we might as well have been at the Commons in Calabasas or any other new upscale outdoor shopping facility. It was creepy and I hated it because I fear in the future, the world will all just look like Westlake Village.

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