Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of July Catchup

Where have I been? What have I been doing? I don't even know, but it's time for a proper catchup. Lorelei and I have exchanged a few emails lately, which is a treat because she and I are usually best in person. She said she loves my pics and loves my writing... and since she's not the first or second person to say that I will try harder with both the pics and the writing.

Why is summer so beloved? I don't actually like the heat, but there's something about summer that's really special. People are outside, we're getting vitamin D, everybody's happy. Last year I was at the beach every weekend except one during a typhoon. But this year, even though the weather is much milder than last, the weather has been completely crappy on the weekends. Like right now, I see blue skies and sunshine as I sit in my office. But come Friday night, a rainstorm or typhoon will roll in. Some China conspiracy i'm sure.

Last week we had a very special occurrence, a solar eclipse! Here we only got 70% darkness, so mid morning looked more like the end of the day. Kinda cool but easily missed if you had no idea it was going down. I saw tons of idiots looking straight into the sun. I'm sure they saw a whole lot. I snagged this picture in a reflection of the sun from the building across the street from the office. Genius!

Yes, I'm working normal hours on the normal days doing normal things. I like having a regular paycheck but I don't like only getting paid once a month :( Thinking that I'll only get paid 12 times a year is pretty sad.

I guess I've been less active on the old blog here because of Facebook. I love Facebook but I can't neglect my blog. By know you should know what I've been up to. Drum jamming, Kopi Luwak drinkin, junk riding, champagne and baby showers!

Everything else?
It was probably around this time last year that I named 2008 the year of the Douchebag. It wasn't even excessively douchey, but there was just something special about last year. But early this year I insisted that this would be the year that we got our groove back. It took us a little while but I believe that my call was right. I haven't been sick for more than a month. This is great because I think I was sick every 10 days for the first half of the year. But things all around are changing and I'm incredibly optimistic. Or really stupid, or maybe both.

Getting our groove back 09!

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