Friday, May 08, 2009

Sanya Homoliday

A little bit more about Sanya. Last weekend was a holiday weekend (Labor Day on Friday, Buddha's Birthday on Saturday) and most people (expats) leave HK on holiday weekends.

We left Hongkers Friday night and it was a quick one hour flight to the island of Hainan. We took a chance with the Crowne Plaza hotel, but it turned out to be really nice. So nice in fact, that we consolidated our two room spread into one room. That's right, we squeezed 5 girls into a king hotel room but it was actually quite comfortable.

We were thrilled with our accommodations. Freshened up, and then headed out for dinner. There are three beachy areas of Sanya - Sanya bay more to do there I guess but full of mainland chinese, Dadonghai - lots of Russians, and Yalong Bay where we ended up - the nicest beach out of the three, nicer hotels, but not really anything else. However, I don't think we were missing anything by not venturing out past the hotel scene.

Since we are from Hong Kong and walk everywhere, we figured a walk down the beach to find dinner would not be a problem. However, these hotels are massive compounds and we were got really tired from walking in the sand. The Marriott was much further than we anticipated.

We ended up at an Indochine restaurant that was pretty good. Then lounged in the lobby with a drink and called it a night.

The following day at the beach was prefect. It was cloudy and breezy and warm without being hot. It was no problem chilling in the lounger all day and reading. Cora and I wanted to infuse some kind of adventure into this vacay and wanted to go jet skiing. We then found out that all the jetski places required you to ride with an instructor. Totally lame. We ended up not doing it.

That night we decided to check out the nicest hotel on the strip - the Ritz. We showed up and managed to get a late reservation at the Italian restaurant there, so we had a couple of hours to kill. We walked over towards the beach and came across the most perfect place, a bar right on the sand with bean bag chairs! It was pure heaven to be sipping drinks with our toes in the sand.

Now, because these massive hotels don't yet have too many guests, there was no problem getting a seat here. Any other place we'd be fighting to get a table, and any other Ritz we wouldn't be able to afford to eat or drink. That's right. I believe this is the cheapest Ritz in the whole world. But still gorgeous.

Our beach bar experience was made more perfect by the super dope song stylings of the coverband that attended to all our requests. It was such a great experience we went back there on Sunday night too.

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