Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love Letters, Hate Mail: Dirty Diapers

In a perfect world there would be one love letter, one hate letter. However I know it's going to roll in one direction for a while and then shift to the other. Live everything in my life, I love and hate it with all my heart.

Today, while waiting at Immigration, some chick was changing her baby's diaper in front of me!! Ok, I understand you need to do your business but I don't #1 need to see your baby's junk while I'm waiting for my work visa (yes I said baby junk) #2 when she ran off to the counter mid-diaper change to let her husband take over because she was called to the counter I thought... Good Lord, I'm NOT going to be the one who follows her at the counter. I just think of everything she touched... and everyone she came into contact with at immigration... and how many people they come into contact with... and you wonder why in 2009 we are concerned with things like SWINE FLU.

Wash your f'ing hands people. Did we learn nothing from SARS?

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