Monday, April 27, 2009

Campaign Weightloss Revisited

I should be on Week 9 right now but there was a bit of a hiccup. Several weeks of debilitating illness has set me back. The exact same thing happened precisely a year ago when I fell down the stairs. It completely ruined Campaign Weightloss 2008.

But I am officially back. 100% or close enough. I don't want to get discouraged, even though I am, so I just want to start over. It's too bad because right before I got sick I was at the 10 pounds lost mark.

I most certainly put weight back on, largely in part to my iron deficient anemia. I changed my diet while I wasn't feeling well. Eating a lot of red meat and a lot of meat in general... and I don't really like meat.

So I'm starting over. Back on the diet, back exercising. And from here I would like to lose 21 pounds. Seriously. That puts me in the range of weight when I worked on Knitty Gritty, when Marie & E got married, and not my thinnest but definitely ok. Yeah, that's 21 pounds away!

Oh yeah, and I'm going to Italy in June. So I should just stop eating until then because I'm going to pork my way through Rome and Florence and feel great about it.

Tomorrow: Fruits for breakfast and kickboxing.

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