Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Private Kitchens: Sijie Sichuan

A few weeks ago I went to a private kitchen of a different sort.

Deep within the bowels of Wan Chai lies a nondescript apartment building, and on it's second floor you'll find Sijie Sichuan. It's a converted apartment that will feed 6 or so tables of people. Bring someone that can speak AND read cantonese. Many American born, Canadian born, Aussie, or Brit-Chinese might be able to speak cantonese but few of them can read it.

Since, as usual, I had no idea what was going on, I let the experts select the menu.

Sorry, I can't explain to you what any of this is. But it was good.




Everyone on that side of the table I had just met.

Even though this is a szechuan restaurant, most of the food was quite mild. I think they were holding off til the very end.

Don't worry-lah. This is not worms or anything creepy. It's just pork.


And here's where it starts to get HOT


And here it is folks. The final, face burning dish. The special kind of peppers are called mala peppers, and are so f'ing hot that your mouth and lips tingle.

Oh yeah, it was goooooood.

And I was not kidding about the peppers burning your face off.

The best part about the restaurant was the owner. A hilarious lady who would challenge all the guys to chug a glass of beer faster than her. And 95% of the time she would win. I hear that during the week she busts out some moonshine.

I admire Sijie. She lives a good life. Gets to cook good food for good peeps, and drink them all under the table 7 nights a week.

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