Friday, October 24, 2008

Drinking Towers

I think I've been slow on the blogging because I don't have a camera. The 5 megapixel camera phone doesn't quite cut it, and I've just been relying on friends to cover for me. I don't feel the same without one :(

The Drinking Towers.
The first time I went was probably a couple of months ago. I was meeting some friends there and I was pretty cranky. I got to Causeway Bay a little late, found where I needed to be which included a long line. Of locals. This is kind of special because gweilo activites are usually different from locals activities, but I went with it. The line to use the lift was super long and I should have grabbed a beer at the 7-11 on the corner. I was in line forever.

Drinking towers are just what they sound like. Two tall, thin buildings, and each floor a different bar. Maybe about 25 floors of bar. I finally made my way to the 17th Floor, or wherever my pals were and the crankiness slipped away immediately.

Chum and Daven with the mics, and Daven's friend from home.

I was expecting some kind of crazy club, but it was very chillax and loungey. I appreciate any pub where you can sit. Each floor is pretty small but offers an assortment of games, refreshments, and KAREOKE.

I strayed from the singing, and stayed with the Jack.

The kids picked some pretty good songs though, including
What's Love Got to Do with it? and a slew of Ace of Base.

Powers and Me.
I also dig this place because it was amazingly friendly to the wallet. There were about 7 or 8 of us and after purchasing one bottle of Absolute, one bottle of Jack, and several rounds of free shots, our total was only $200 HKD each, which is unheard of. I'll put that into perspective for you. Last night I paid half that for one really really crappy lychee martini that I waited forever for.

Chum, Fred, and Wing.

Let's not talk about what happened after the Absolute and Jack. Cause I ended up at Beijing Club, and that's not ok.


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