Friday, October 17, 2008

Pirate/Viking Disco Dance Party Junk

Vikings and Pirates swimming with a variety of flotation devices
It seems that I've had my fair share of junk this summer. This one was organized by the guys I went camping with, for Alex's bday. I love this picture. Can you spot the beer mid-flight?

View of Central from the boat
The view as we leave HK Island.

They were serious when they named it a disco dance party. Alex even brought his 'fro.

Birthday boy with the jello shots.


Peter Jumping off the Upper Deck
Peter getting ready to jump from the upper deck.

A friend was gratious enough to let me borrow his waterproof camera for the day, so I got some coooool pics. Here's me and Powers.

Wing, Fred, and the blow up turtle
Wing, Chum, Fred, and the turtle.

Me and the Junk boat
Me with our junk boat.

I've never ever hit the beer bong before. If you can't burp it's kinda hard to chug. Well, I didn't wanna be a weenie and not go for it, and when I did I found it so alarmingly easy that I kinda had to do another one.

So that, combined with the tequila-ritas and jello shots earlier made me completely unaware of the rest of the day.


After a lot of dancing which I don't really remember, I passed out at the front of the boat and woke up a tad sunburnt. But I woke up just in time for the sunset.

Coming Home to Central

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