Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sorry to Interrupt your Regularly Schedule Program

I didn't want to be that person that leaves their blog in the dust while others hit Friendship Night daily, looking for some distraction from work for a few minutes. My fabulous job has torn me apart from picture posting for several weeks, but I promise one day pictures of Marie's wedding will appear. And Lorelei's welcome back party. And the Marathon. I'm sure there's more.

Why is Ashley Judd on Martha Stewart's show?

So I dined twice at the Waffle House. I thought the food was GREAT. I'd do it again. I know there's gotta be a Sonic around here somewhere. And in Lawrenceville, Georgia I met Dizzy Gillespie's grand newphew.

Famous words from my director, "Bring me his head."

Our crew is also concocting a bevy of new tv programs inclucing, "That's Leather?", "That's Riveting!", and "Cable Television."



"and that's the news!"

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