Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Vegas Baby

What happens in Vegas, ends up on FRIENDSHIP NIGHT!

My bestest friend, my friend for the last 20 years hit the quarter century mark. So, we went on a little road trip.

We left on a Tuesday, and were fortunate enough not to hit any traffic. We made the trip in good time, listened to our favorite jams, discussed life, and played Mad Libs.

Arrived at the Excalibur. Opened the tub of Ketel One. And the box of Malibu chocolates. Hit the pool. Took nap.

Time to play!


This is us getting ready for our first night out.

Next stop: Pure at Caesars!
Check it out here:

AAaaahhhhhh!!! Minty fresh!

Somehow between two cameras, not one picture was taken all evening. But, to sum it up -

JULY 26, 2005 STATS
Location: Pure @ Caesar's

Drinks: Vodka Red Bulls, vodka tonics, lemon drop shots, tequila shots, "birthday cake shots," beautiful bottles of water, pinot grigio

People: Bryan, Chad, the balding guy and his friends, the asian guys, really tall guy, tall girl

Events: Dancing, Sarah falling down the stairs, going to the Rio, quick round of cards, walk of shame at 5-something in the am.

The Boy Report: A success! They were 27 and 28, businessmen in town on business, Northwestern grads, Chicago residents.

Next day: We woke up early and hit the pool. Our skin was on fire. We lasted maybe an hour.

Wednesday afternoon reconnaissance work. It hit the tabloids the Brian and Christine were planning a crazy vegas wedding, but plans are currently on hold until Angelina and baby Zahara are settled in Brad's home.

Flamingo gazebo location.

Waterfall/poolside location

Flamingo gazebo #2.

Off to Caesar's. They always return to the scene of the crime.

Caesar's grand escalator.


Caesar's venue #1, close to the pool, architectural features, statues...


Caesar's pool.

Caesar's venue #2. I like the first one better

And then to Paris. Summed up in one word - Jazzy! Check out the creepy Big Brother cameras behind the podium.

Oh well. It's still a cool hotel. And we even found girls that dressed the same as Sarah.



Yes, it was a painfully hot, and just plain painful afternoon. So naptime was glorious.

Here's us getting ready for night number two. This is why Sarah gets all the boys.


JULY 27, 2005 STATS
Location: Ghostbar @ Palms

Drinks: Absolute Peach and tonics all around the room! Also, tequila shots, (did we have cocksuckers too?), birthday cake shots.

People: Some cowboy, Brian, Mark, Luis - manager at Wolfgang Puck, Matt, Kyle, another Matt, and their associates. Oh yeah, and the girl that was dancing that kept bumping into Sarah, and the girl that had to be carried out. Awesome!

Events: Dancing, Sarah's necklace breaking, getting in for free, requesting Christina Aguilera's Dirty and getting shot down.

The Boy Report: A 36 and 24 year old... Brian is a lawyer from the OC. Matt and friends - accountants from Philly, Portland, and all over. More businessmen in town on business.

Sarah and Christine, aptly dubbed the "High Five Girls."

Matt and Sarah

She's 25!

It's an awesome view from 55 stories up.

As this picture was being taken, I was thinking - "OPEN YOUR EYES, OPEN YOUR EYES!"

The following day-

The same cycle of waking up, hitting the pool, then sitting at the casino bar drinking a bloody mary breakfast and whatever the bartender whipped up for me.

I really don't remember exactly what we were laughing at, but we were screaming and having a fantastic time. Sarah's tears even ended up on the bar.






Our room at the Excali-crap

Ben sent the birthday girl flowers. We knew it was him ;)

Night 3, getting ready. Our last night on the town.


A picture of "Mount Everest." We had to climb up and down this mountain several times a day. And we were sore as all hell!

A fabulous birthday dinner at Ortanique. Thumbs down to the server though.

We had salmon and the aha tuni, i mean ahi tuna!

Some of the battle wounds. We're thinking it's from the fall down the stairs.

Then, off to Wynn! It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.




JULY 28, 2005 STATS
Location: La Bete @ Wynn

Drinks: Vodka red bulls, Sarah was having another vodka beverage, amarettos, raspberry collins?

People: Vincent, the crazy dancing group, that chick wearing lace, Luis again! Oh yeah, and the HOT bouncers.

Events: Cracking up with Vincent, a little bit of dancing. I got complemented on my "lawnmower."

The Boy Report: Hanging out with Vincent all night. Another businessman in town in business. Computer/tech sales or something of the like. USC grad, SF resident, loves hip hop and Surreal Life. And goofy dances.

Vincent and Sarah

Even the bathrooms were beautiful.

Did I mention Vincent is a big fan of Napolean Dynamite?

The guys behind Sarah were doing a wacky dance.




I left for the airport looking like a HOT MESS :)

So we stayed up, packed, Sarah hit the road and I got a cab to the airport. Next stop, MEXICO.

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