Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hasta Luego Lili!

This one's dedicated to my friend Lili, who's packing up a couple of backpacks and leaving her glorious life in Los Angeles to join the Peace Corps and live in Kiribati for two years.

Here's a little bit about Kiribati -
Kiribati (pronounced "Kiribas") is a tiny, but vast country. Its 33 islands amount to just 811 sq km (315 sq mi), but are spread out over 3.5 million sq km (a lot) of ocean. Tarawa atoll is the capital and home to 33,000 people.

This is Lili's going away party last weekend.

I met Lili early 2004 when we worked together on Crafters Coast to Coast. She's an awesome gal and I love her laugh. My favorite memories of Lili include having lunch with Usher at Eclectic Cafe, playing tennis, and dancing after the first Larkspur show. I will miss her, and I hope she is happy and safe in Kiribati!

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